The video for “Me Prefieres A Mi” by Arcangel recently released, which takes place in a high school setting and features the production of Mambo Kingz – a trio of producers from San Juan, Puerto Rico, who specialize in the reggaeton sub-genre of romantiqueo (“romantic”).  Arcangel’s vocals tend to be a sort of hybrid between rapping and singing, which he varies with smooth inflections to complement the playful tone of his lyrics.  The video follows Arcangel as he serenades his lyrical charm to a girl, convinced that she prefers him to her current boyfriend.  He even goes so far as to tell her that “sometimes in life you have to make decisions and sometimes these decisions break hearts.”  It is up to the listener to decide if Arcangel is crafting a sincere love story or if the Don Juan that hides in his ego is out on a mischievous quest.


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