El Cangri, Daddy Yankee, certainly doesn’t disappoint with the new video release of “Perros Salvaje.”  Reminiscent of that early 2000’s reggaeton that brought the genre to the international spotlight, The Big Boss’ latest hit warrants all of that doggy-style perreo grinding that some of his earlier songs like “Rompe” and “Gasolina” brought to the music scene.  It definitely has that grime that early reggaeton had, which is a refreshing contrast from most of the reggaeton on the airwaves lately.

The new video has only been out for a few days and already has nearly 400,000 views on YouTube.  It seems like Yankee’s latest album Prestige will be buzzing all the way towards the end of next year, as a few other tracks from the album are still chart toppers (“Ven Comigo” Ft. Prince Royce and “Limbo”).  And even though “Perros Salvaje” hasn’t had a chance to reach any charts yet, I think it’s safe to say that “El Jefe” will get up there soon. Aqui lo tienes, “Perros Salvajes”!

iTunes Download:

Perros Salvajes - Prestige

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