Today we introduce you to the New York bachata sensation Eli Jas. The Spanglish vocals of Eli Jas are full of the power and flair that define a talented singer of R&B / Pop, without the obnoxious effects that plague many of today’s top artists. Her sound becomes even more unique when thrown on top of an urban bachata instrumental, à la Aventura or Prince Royce, but with added synths that hint at the feeling of a Top 40 DJ Mix. For a singer with only one official single released, she has already built up quite a following and was even featured in an MTV 3 Blogamole article earlier this week.

The debut album Choose is rumored to be releasing in the summer of 2012 and will portray the different stages of a relationship as the album progresses. Our relationship with Eli Jas certainly has begun on a positive note and I imagine it will only continue to grow as she releases more music. Peep the new video here:

Download on iTunes:

Tú Me Haces Volar - Single - Eli Jas

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