“El Patron” is back with a hot new single that features the ever popular salsa-pop singer Marc Anthony!  I honestly am a huge fan of this song following an initial listen, as it is full of energy and passion.  The lyrics weave an interesting tale of deceit-turned-happiness, where the singer’s “ex” puts herself in a position to find out why he found happiness with a new woman.  (Hint: the new girlfriend doesn’t lie or cause the singer emotional suffering – any woman who’s ever heard a song by Tito El Bambino or Marc Anthony should know this by now).

Musically, “Porque Les Mientes?,” is a nice tropical song that contains the romantic strings of pop, the shuffle of cumbia, an occasional Spanish guitar lick, and tropical horns and percussion that are worthy of a lively salsa band.  Marc Anthony’s voice is ever-powerful and borderline operatic with it’s strong vibrato, while Tito’s higher-ranged vocals add a nice contrast.  This track truly is the work of two Latin megastars and the outcome rises to meet expectations.  You can download Tito’s new album Invicto on iTunes – it just released November 19th.  Enjoy.

iTunes Download:

¿Por Qué Les Mientes? (feat. Marc Anthony) - Single - Tito

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