2NYCe Ft. Fito Blanko, Fulanito, & Sito Rocks – Esta Fiesta (All Stars Remix)

 2NYCe Fito Blanko Fulanito Sito Rocks Esta Fiesta

Four of Miami’s most notable mambo artists join us today for the remix to 2NYCe’s Latin party track “Esta Fiesta.”  From the very first moment, we are transported to the nightclubs of Miami as 2NYCe weaves a tale of an exciting party, its dedicated DJ, and the hot new mambo track that he is about to perform.  The video is filmed from the audience’s perspective and you get a great feel for what it would be like (or is like) to watch these artists perform live.

Each “all star” is given a verse in the remix and delivers a unique element that makes the song more enjoyable.  Fito Blanko takes the first verse and sets himself up as the smooth-talker who couldn’t help but notice the beautiful lady focused on in his lyrics.  A more traditional mambo beat (listen for the stutter) introduces Fulanito, whose primary concern is the music, drinks, and dancing.  The finale is shared by 2Nyce and Sito Rocks (in the yellow shirt), which is only fitting given that they are the two artists from the original track.  This final verse incorporates all lyrical themes from earlier in the song and eventually the video fades out, a subtle reminder that esta fiesta nunca va a acabar


Author: Joseph

Joseph is an Irish-Honduran radio employee whose experience crossing over between cultures and passion for music led to the founding of Spanglish Noise. Currently residing in the Twin Citiees. Follow: @spanglishnoise

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