Calle 13 – La Vuelta Al Mundo

Puerto Rico’s Calle 13, consisting of the talented brothers Rene (“Residente“: the emcee) and Eduardo (“Visitante“: the instrumentalist/producer), have undeniably brought an energetic spark of creativity to Latin music since they arrived on the scene in the early-mid 2000s – both lyrically and musically.  When it comes to lyrics, Rene’s clever lines feature everything from political satire to topics that are socially profound.  Not to be outdone, Eduardo is just as adept at showcasing his compositional talent, incorporating traditional Latin rhythms and melodies into the tracks – from cumbia to tango – and evolving them through new sounds and/or the use of instruments that are not typically associated with the particular style.

The video for “La Vuelta Al Mundo” (“Around The World”) released today and comes from the 2010 album Entren Los Que Quieran (“Enter Those Who Want To”).  The storyline takes place in an office, where the protagonist appears to be tiring of the corporate life, dreaming of adventure (watch the paper airplane he flies around his desk) while trying his best to avoid the austere gaze of his boss.  He ends up befriending a female colleague who is equally distraught with the situation and he cheers her up by building colorful murals out of post-it-notes.  When the boss catches them having fun, the office worker sticks up for himself and walks off with his colleague to the cheers of the other employees.  The mentality of escaping routine and emerging into a world of new possibilities and adventures is essentially the idea that the song is promoting, so the video did an excellent job of capturing the sentiment and intent of the artists.


Author: Joseph

Joseph is an Irish-Honduran radio employee whose experience crossing over between cultures and passion for music led to the founding of Spanglish Noise. Currently residing in the Twin Citiees. Follow: @spanglishnoise

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