Elvis Crespo & Fito Blanko – Pegadito Suavecito

Fito Blanko is an up and coming young singer from Toronto whose hip lyrics and catchy melodies have been charming listeners from Canada to the clubs in Miami.  Many of you are probably familiar with today’s track, “Pagadito Suavecito,” which has been enjoying a fair amount of rotation on the airwaves in New York, Miami, and various other markets.  While the original song consists of Fito alone, the more-heavily promoted remix has a heavy emphasis on merengue icon Elvis Crespo, who shines on the track and leaves no doubt in our minds as to why he is a Latin-Grammy award-winning singer.  The voices of Elvis and Fito complement each other incredibly well, with both singing in a similar style and range, alternating between the clear quality of Fito’s voice and the slightly more nasal-tinged signature of Elvis.

The video for “Pegadito Suavecito” opens in Cairo, Egypt, where Elvis Crespo appears to be a spy or secret intelligence agent of some type.  He walks into a flashy nightclub that is loaded with gorgeous dancing women and wealthy gamblers – as we watch, we are wondering what in the world is in the suitcase he is carrying with him.  By the end of the video, you may or may not find out, but we don’t really care, because the true value in this video is the new talent of Fito Blanko and the return of Elvis Crespo.  Be sure to visit our website on Monday November 12th (we promise this is the official release date) for the release of our exclusive interview with Mr. VIP himself – Fito Blanko!!

Watch The Video:

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Pegaíto Suavecito (feat. Fito Blanko) - Single - Elvis Crespo

Author: Joseph

Joseph is an Irish-Honduran radio employee whose experience crossing over between cultures and passion for music led to the founding of Spanglish Noise. Currently residing in the Twin Citiees. Follow: @spanglishnoise

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