New Artist Spotlight: Rani Ramahi

Welcome to the latest new artist spotlight!  Given the success of the first post in this series, which featured Miami’s Monique Abbadie (potential interview in the works), I return today with Rani Ramahi, a passionate singer from the Twin Cities whose style is a mix of R&B/Soul and Pop/Dance.  Rani was born in Brazil and relocated to the United States at the age of 12, around which time he developed an avid interest in singing and acting.  With a wide arsenal of languages at his disposal – Portuguese, Spanish, English, and Arabic – I believe this artist has a tremendous crossover potential, in addition to possessing the high level of talent necessary to attract a loyal fanbase.  The music video for his first single, “Danza Conmigo,” will be dropping very soon and the song’s catchy hook can be heard at the end of this promo video:

I wish I could share “Danza Conmigo” with you today because the music is magnificent and the video production is breathtaking…it will be well worth the wait!  Having grown up in the Twin Cities myself, it is extra meaningful to see a video that features one of our local nightclubs, our DJs, and beautiful women from our own city.  I guarantee that this website will be one of the very first to introduce the video when it drops, so be sure to check in over these next few weeks!

While we wait for the video, here are two free downloads that showcase Rani’s vocals for both club music and urban R&B.  “I Belong To You” features Rani’s soaring vocals over a backdrop of guitar strums, dreamy synth pads, and lightly rolling Latin drums.  In total contrast, “The End” is a pulsing club track that vibrantly dances with its tale of love.  Whatever the style, I expect to hear only the best from Rani, which begins with the release of “Danza Conmigo” in the near future!

What do you think of the “In The End” and “I Belong To You”? Share your thoughts in the comment box below and follow Rani on facebook, youtube, or twitter for the latest.

Update: The video and a limited-time MP3 download have released – click here to watch!!

Author: Joseph

Joseph is an Irish-Honduran radio employee whose experience crossing over between cultures and passion for music led to the founding of Spanglish Noise. Currently residing in the Twin Citiees. Follow: @spanglishnoise

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  • Rani

    Thank you for the awesome article!! The video will be coming out very soon…I appreciate your support and can’t wait for my fans to see it!

  • Laila

    Great spotlight! Love his music and looking forward to seeing and hearing more from him:)

  • spanglishnoise

    Rani – I\’m happy to play my part, I can\’t wait to help promote the new video!

    Laila – thanks for taking the time to drop by the site and share your thoughts. If you liked the two samples, then you\’ll definitely enjoy the single, it\’s super catchy and the video is top-notch!

  • Sara

    His music is HOT! Love your voice Rani ;))))

  • hilary

    His HOT!!!!!! I LOVE HIS VOICE great songs i want his cd. Cant wait to see him live.

  • JennaVae Marie

    Here’s RANI’S LATEST SONG, DANZA CON MIGO!!! I’m dancing all over in the music video :) I had a BLAST shooting it with Restraining Hollywood! Please LIKE my FAN PAGE at:

    Thx for the support!!! XoXo :)