Tommy Torres – Querido Tommy (Lyric Video)

Music is like a puzzle, with a variety of intricately-shaped pieces carefully fitted together to leave listeners with an auditory vision.  While musicians are certainly the most visible piece of this puzzle, the producers and composers behind the scenes are just as instrumental in determining the outcome of the project.  Today I introduce you to Puerto Rican singer-songwriter Tommy Torres, who initially earned his stripes in the music industry as a producer and arranger.

As ironic as it sounds, I was introduced to the music of Tommy Torres through a cheaply-produced “reggaeton remix” of his song Pegadito, which featured Hector “El Father.”  While the song did not earn its way into the depths of my iTunes library, I was deeply impressed by Tommy’s lyrics and fervently sought out the infectious original version of “Pegadito – a beautifully-produced alt-pop song that everybody should hear.  Today’s new single, “Querido Tommy,” comes from the upcoming third album and tells the tale of a love-struck young man named Paco.  Paco is writing from Santiago (Chile). where his mind is clouded by thoughts of an elegant girl, and he wants Tommy’s advice, stating that this girl loves all of Tommy’s songs.  After initially receiving no response, Paco follows up with Tommy, who admits to Paco that he is not an expert in love and reminds him that even the most carefully crafted words can’t replace true feelings.

The arrangement of the piece ebbs and flows with the conversation, starting out with just a solo piano that crescendos with the sounds of strings, guitars, and drums, as Paco’s infatuation increases.  Whether he is behind the mixing board or singing into the microphone – Tommy always seems to be saving the best piece for last.

Author: Joseph

Joseph is an Irish-Honduran radio employee whose experience crossing over between cultures and passion for music led to the founding of Spanglish Noise. Currently residing in the Twin Citiees. Follow: @spanglishnoise

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  • O. Rivera

    The interesting part about this song is that it actually happened.
    A couple of months ago, Paco contacted Tommy via Twiter asking for his advise. Tommy didn't replied the first letter and then he received a second one. Tommy's reply came in the form of this song, but he doesn't know if it has reached Paco since Paco's Twiter account is now closed and Tommy hasn't heard from him. The song was released on social media only and became an instant hit, bigger than expected.

    • spanglishnoise

      Yes, I did not see that it was based off an actual experience until after the post was published. The social media success of this video is fascinating and makes a strong statement for the future capabilities of such promotion.

      As for Paco..he could have been an internet sensation overnight. Hopefully his love story worked out for the best!