Twin Cities singer Niko Eme has a hot merengue-electronico track to start off the week, which you can download below.  The song is called “Contigo” (“With You”) and paints the story of being single while experiencing the early twangs of love.  At 20 years old, Niko never pretends to have the answers to love – […]

The Twin Cities’ 20-year-old Latin urban singer Niko Eme first caught our attention back in 2011, where his ability to write catchy and meaningful lyrics instantly earned our admiration.  While his mixtape The End of The Beginning 2.0 is filled with pop and dance tracks, he has recently been experimenting with merengue-electronico (clearly inspired by […]

MAFFIO is one of the most innovative artists to emerge in 2012 and El Rey del Merengue Electronico has tirelessly worked to bring us a modern electro-mambo sound that retains the genre’s traditional authenticity.  The album Mi Sonido is due out later this year, which we have glimpsed through the romantic track “No Te Dejare […]

Niko Eme is one of the most exciting and original Spanglish artists to arise from the Twin Cities and his final release of 2012 is a catchy mambo track titled “Hasta Que Exploten.”  Lyrics are Niko’s specialization and you can rest assured that any track he works with – whether it’s his own song or […]

“Gangnam Style” has officially entered the realm of Spanglish and Latin Crossover Music.  Today we bring you two Merengue-Electronico remixes from Miami – let us know what you think! Honestly, I’m usually not a fan of remixes, but Maffio‘s version of “Gangnam Style” is the best version I’ve heard yet! He has a unique way […]

Even the most cynical observers of reggaeton must admit that it has a fascinating history.  The highly contested origins of the genre are most often attributed to either Panamanian Spanish reggae artists (themselves influenced by the Jamaican workers who came over to work on the Panama Canal) or to the early underground scene in Puerto […]

Listen: Download (Right Click & Save): Rioh Interview (Spanglish Noise Exclusive) Summary: Spanglish Noise recently had a chance to sit down with Roman Rojas, producer of the New York-based Latin band Rioh.  This talented group of musicians is looking to modernize the sound of traditional Latin music by introducing electronic pop sounds and contemporary production […]

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