Domino Saints – Tesoro

domino saints tesoro

Spanglish Noise spoke to Domino Saints two years ago, where we learned all about their fusion of influences  (singer Gigi says, "David used to love rock..he had a rock band and I was singing bossa nova and stuff like that").  The Caribbean has always been known for its mix of African, Spanish, and Indigenous cultures, so it makes sense that the Puerto Rican-born duo would be … [Read more...]

Eli Jas Ft. Fito Blanko – Deseandote

Eli Jas Fito Blanko Deseandote

After over a year of silence, Spanglish Noise returns out of the blue with a hot new track by two artists we've been following since the beginning: Youtube cover singer-turned bachata sensation Eli Jas and Toronto's king of style, Fito Blanko.  We find them today enjoying the support of their record labels, Eli Jas at Top Stop Music and Fito at Pitbull's label Mr. 305 inc. … [Read more...]

Domino Saints Interview

Domino Saints Interview Spanglish Noise 2013

Listen: Download (Right Click & Save):  Domino Saints Interview Summary: Domino Saints is a versatile Miami duo consisting of rapper David and singer Gigi.  Spanglish Noise's Joseph Mitchell interviews the band today to learn about their native Puerto Rico, the origins of their band name, their first single "Malas Mañas," the effect of Puerto Rico's crime on the … [Read more...]

Fito Blanko – Vamo Alla

Fito Blanko Vamo Alla Spanglish Noise

Canadian singer Fito Blanko follows a simple, but effective, model: "Vamo Alla."  The term is a colloquial expression that literally means "let's go there!", but is better expressed in this case by the informal "let's gooo!"  Whether you find yourself late for work or about to enter a party, the message is equally relevant: look at yourself in the mirror, smile, and say, "Vamo … [Read more...]