This talent straight from Colombia is Fabio Legarda and his single “No Tiene Novio” has this Miami DJ bopping from side to side. With the Cumbia meets Mambo style that has become so popular as of late, the song is definitely a shoe in for one of this summer’s hits. Before you check out the video, […]

We have another mambo this week, by the recently-signed Genuino.  Although he’s a New Jersey native, this song definitely belongs in Miami!  The romantic lyrics tied together with the combination of electronic and brass sounds definitely give the track the sort of South Beach sound that’s sweeping the  nation.  Without further introduction, aqui les dejo […]

What do you get when you pool together the genes of a Venezuelan beauty queen, and a great musician?  If you guessed Spanish heartthrob Jonathan Moly then you’re spot on!  His new single “Mi Linda Princesa“ is definitely breaking out as a Summer Hit.  It’s a great Merengue beat with a few urban-electronic sounds thrown in […]

Nothing gets a the blood flowing hotter than a rapid mambo and tale of betrayal.  “Traicionera” (“Traitor”) has us sitting on the edge of our seats, feet tapping and body swirling, as Niko Eme sings about a woman who thrives off of passion and apathy.  No matter how much love you give her, you’ll only […]

Listen: Download (Right Click & Save):  Domino Saints Interview Summary: Domino Saints is a versatile Miami duo consisting of rapper David and singer Gigi.  Spanglish Noise’s Joseph Mitchell interviews the band today to learn about their native Puerto Rico, the origins of their band name, their first single “Malas Mañas,” the effect of Puerto Rico’s […]

Canadian singer Fito Blanko follows a simple, but effective, model: “Vamo Alla.”  The term is a colloquial expression that literally means “let’s go there!”, but is better expressed in this case by the informal “let’s gooo!”  Whether you find yourself late for work or about to enter a party, the message is equally relevant: look […]

Recently returned from the infamous Barcelona nightlife and the set for his new video “Party On My Level” with Sak Noel, the charismatic singer Sito Rocks found himself on a flight from the warmth of Miami to the April snow of Minneapolis.  A tweet from his hotel room exclaimed, “Feels like xmas” and the next […]

Twin Cities singer Niko Eme has a hot merengue-electronico track to start off the week, which you can download below.  The song is called “Contigo” (“With You”) and paints the story of being single while experiencing the early twangs of love.  At 20 years old, Niko never pretends to have the answers to love – […]

  Four of Miami’s most notable mambo artists join us today for the remix to 2NYCe’s Latin party track “Esta Fiesta.”  From the very first moment, we are transported to the nightclubs of Miami as 2NYCe weaves a tale of an exciting party, its dedicated DJ, and the hot new mambo track that he is […]

Sito Rocks is Miami’s “renaissance man” in the sense that he is passionate about exploring just about any form of art he can fit into his busy schedule.  The son of a salsa percussionist from the 70s and 80s, Sito inherited a love for music that has led him to photograph famous musicians,  design graphic […]

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