Danny D (of Xtreme) – Eres Mi Todo

Danny D

Although Dany Meijia, front man from the bachata duo Xtreme, only signed to SpanGlish Global as a solo artist four months ago, he has earned himself an impressive amount of airplay during his single's his early weeks of release. That’s right… Danny D is back with a new hit single, “Eres Mi Todo”! Keeping true to the genre that led the duo to stardom, Danny will have the … [Read more...]

Jeyro – Mi Mundo


Jeyro is a new Latin urban artist from New York - by way of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic - who has found a voice in the genre of bachata.  It is quite common to hear an R&B influence in bachata these days, and Jeyro is no exception to this trend, yet his music still contains a traditional feel that blends this new style of singing with the genre's standard … [Read more...]

Maffio – No Te Dejare de Amar


Grab a glass of wine, cue the romantic music, and prepare your heart strings for some sweet tugs of mambo-style emotion from Miami producer-turned-singer Maffio.  This new singer is extra versatile in that he is capable of approaching a track from the lyrical and musical vantage of an artist, while firmly understanding the production techniques and elements of commercial … [Read more...]

Sol Okarina – Contacto

Sol Okarina

Born in Venezuela and currently residing in Bogota, Colombia, Sol Okarina is a talented musician who draws on a wide range of musical influences, incorporating elements of Afro-Latin, electro-pop, and folk.  "Contacto" is a catchy and carefree tune where she sings about wanting to spend a night with that special someone - one night will be enough.  The video follows Sol Okarina … [Read more...]

Eli Jas – Tú Me Haces Volar

Eli Jas

Today we introduce you to the New York bachata sensation Eli Jas. The Spanglish vocals of Eli Jas are full of the power and flair that define a talented singer of R&B / Pop, without the obnoxious effects that plague many of today's top artists. Her sound becomes even more unique when thrown on top of an urban bachata instrumental, à la Aventura or Prince Royce, but with … [Read more...]