Although Dany Meijia, front man from the bachata duo Xtreme, only signed to SpanGlish Global as a solo artist four months ago, he has earned himself an impressive amount of airplay during his single’s his early weeks of release. That’s right… Danny D is back with a new hit single, “Eres Mi Todo”! Keeping true to […]

Jeyro is a new Latin urban artist from New York – by way of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic – who has found a voice in the genre of bachata.  It is quite common to hear an R&B influence in bachata these days, and Jeyro is no exception to this trend, yet his music still contains […]

Grab a glass of wine, cue the romantic music, and prepare your heart strings for some sweet tugs of mambo-style emotion from Miami producer-turned-singer Maffio.  This new singer is extra versatile in that he is capable of approaching a track from the lyrical and musical vantage of an artist, while firmly understanding the production techniques […]

Born in Venezuela and currently residing in Bogota, Colombia, Sol Okarina is a talented musician who draws on a wide range of musical influences, incorporating elements of Afro-Latin, electro-pop, and folk.  “Contacto” is a catchy and carefree tune where she sings about wanting to spend a night with that special someone – one night will […]

Today we introduce you to the New York bachata sensation Eli Jas. The Spanglish vocals of Eli Jas are full of the power and flair that define a talented singer of R&B / Pop, without the obnoxious effects that plague many of today’s top artists. Her sound becomes even more unique when thrown on top […]

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