What do you get when you pool together the genes of a Venezuelan beauty queen, and a great musician?  If you guessed Spanish heartthrob Jonathan Moly then you’re spot on!  His new single “Mi Linda Princesa“ is definitely breaking out as a Summer Hit.  It’s a great Merengue beat with a few urban-electronic sounds thrown in […]

Venezuelan band Los Amigos Invisibles recently released their new album Repeat After Me, a Spanglish collection of funk, rock, and disco.  The second track from the album is “La Que Me Gusta,” an up-beat love tune infused with a pop-rock beat and soulful swing.  Lead vocalist Julio Briceño delivers his romantic lines with a calm confidence […]

The other night I had the great fortune to see Mariana Vega perform as part of the ASCAP Showcase for the 2013 Latin Billboard Conference.  On a night that featured four of Latin’s Leading Ladies (Mariana Vega, Debi Nova, Kany Garcia, & Lena), the Venezuelan singer provided a tranquil and heartfelt performance that truly won […]

Nacional Records is hands down the premier U.S. label for Latin Alternative music, so it is exciting to hear that Miami band Elastic Bond just signed with the label and will be releasing their next album Real on June 25th 2013.  Elastic Bond is a 6-member ensemble formed in 2006 by Venezuelan producer Andres Ponce and […]

You know that summer has come to an end when the morning traffic drive is accompanied by those lumbering yellow beasts known as school buses, steadily employed in the catch-and-release of dreary-eyed youths.  No matter which vehicle window you groggily sit behind, one of the best concepts of summer that hopefully everybody was able to […]

Listen: Download (Right Click And Save): Episode 1: Summer Kick-Off Summary: The premiere episode of the Spanglish Noise podcast is a balance of rhythmic dance tunes and inspiring romantic ballads, preparing listeners for the excitement of summer that awaits us around the corner.  Joseph Mitchell and Nataly Sanchez share their insights on artists in the […]

Elastic Bond is a 6-member ensemble from Miami, formed in 2006 by Venezuelan producer Andres Ponce and the Honduran singer Sofy Encanto.  Their name is derived from physics, referencing the idea that they have united their diverse backgrounds and influences into one special project.  The video for “Pierdo El Control” (“I Lose Control”) was released […]

Listen: Download (Right Click & Save): Rioh Interview (Spanglish Noise Exclusive) Summary: Spanglish Noise recently had a chance to sit down with Roman Rojas, producer of the New York-based Latin band Rioh.  This talented group of musicians is looking to modernize the sound of traditional Latin music by introducing electronic pop sounds and contemporary production […]

Born in Venezuela and currently residing in Bogota, Colombia, Sol Okarina is a talented musician who draws on a wide range of musical influences, incorporating elements of Afro-Latin, electro-pop, and folk.  “Contacto” is a catchy and carefree tune where she sings about wanting to spend a night with that special someone – one night will […]

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